Huimin environmental tech. corporation was established in 1997. We are qualified as an environmental protection engineering construction company by the Ministry of the Interior and the Taipei City Government, and registered at the Ministry of Economic Affairs as an environmental protection equipment manufacturing facility. Huimin has engaged in the professional environmental protection business and provides the industrial community with environmental engineering and related professional and technical services. We aim to protect the environment and improve the public’s quality of life.

Since the establishment of Huimin, we have provided industrial expertise, training for employees with potential, and improved the standards of technical services. Our services cover the whole Taiwan, mainland China, and overseas. In recent years, the company’s efforts have resulted in many accomplishments, including equipment manufacturing, sales of constructions, and operational maintenance of government contracts, which all of those tasks have received much positive feedback. We uphold the entrepreneurial spirit and an excellent work ethic in order to promote the quality of perfection for each project, and to appreciate all the supports given to the company.

Due to our belief in environmental protection, our company’s long-term efforts to import the latest pollution technologies and to elevate the quality of construction and our government contract work have achieved fruitful results. The company believes that by our quality management system, we can not only effectively reduce the costs shorten the production duration, but also maintain a high standard of construction quality. In an effort to continue elevating employees’ skills and technical equipment and to reach the goal of becoming an engineering company that offers diversified services, the company began the reorganization in 2000 to recruit top environmental specialists and electrical and mechanical related technical personnel. They make up our entrepreneurial partners who dream big and draw upon their responsible and innovative attitude to accomplish every project.

Meanwhile, we are registered to be a Grade A electrical equipment industry and waste removal contractor. We hope that through our elite group of environmental specialists, along with our diligent effort, we’ll grow significantly in the professional field of environmental protection in the 21 century. Our company fervently believes that only through consistent hard work and a responsible attitude can continue to improve and grow and successfully accomplish every project that is given to us.